Cafe – Snack Bar

Every morning, we get out of bed early so as to bake fresh bread, croissants and pies, for you to find when you will wake up! I mean we could do that, but as we found a real bakery that does this job better than us, and brings all these goodies at our door, why should we wake up early?

So, every morning you will find fresh bread, croissants and pies, fresh milk, cheese, ham, marmalade and anything else you might want to have for breakfast, in our cute cafe-snack bar! However, if you fill a bit lazy (which is completely the right thing to feel when in vacation), we can prepare and serve you, whatever you would like, upon disponibility! Moreover, a variety of coffees, refreshments, snacks, juices, sweets, crepes, waffles, ice creams etc. are available through the whole day, for you to enjoy them on foot, on table, on your room or on the beach.

Last and most important, as we are an international hotel, with clients from all over the world, we understand that you didn’t have time to adjust to the local time zone, and so we serve drinks and cocktails all day long with the background view of the lovely crystal beach which host us.

The facility includes also a small Market, a Playground and a gift shop. The only thing separate as from the beach is the public road, and so we can claim that the sea is “in front of our doorsteps”.