Light or dark blue, turquoise or crystal clear white, which color should I pick to describe our beach? None and all of them together…..

Our restaurant

White and blue are the colors we chose for our restaurant, as they remind of the sea, the sky, and of course summer in Greece…..

Cafe – Snack Bar

Every morning you will find fresh bread, croissants and pies, fresh milk, cheese, ham, marmalade and anything else you might want to have for breakfast, in our cute cafe-snack bar…..


In our beach the main and most favorite activities are swimming and sunbathing on the sunbeds! If you, for some unknown to me reason, fill more energetic even if it’s summer, you will find the opportunity to…..

Disabled friendly

One of the apartments on the ground floor have been adapted for disabled persons or wheelchair users.

Cleaning schedule

Cleaning is daily, sheets and towels are changed every 2 days.


The management has a strong policy on matters of hygiene and insists on a high standard of cleaning in all areas.