You already know that you will visit one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. 
However, just to make sure, here are just few of the amazing beaches and activities there will be waiting for you in Lefkada!!! 

Of course, there are many more attractions than these, for which we will be glad to inform you once you are here,  helping you design your holidays and have a truly good time to remember for long afterwards!


Also known as Poros or Rouda, this peaceful beach on the south side of the Lefkada is truly a unique place. Having always calm and amazingly colourful waters, Mikros Gialos that contains from thin sand to medium sized pebbles, water activities to enjoy and easy access as you park right above the beach, makes it the ideal choice for families. The small taverns and cafes with their delicious meals and drinks, as well as the green scenery all over, is the final touch in your next favorite spot in Lefkada!

OK, we are not talking about a beach here, but about a small paradise in Lefkas! The colour of the water, the scenery, the endless blue, the perfect tiny pebbles on the beach, the one and only beach bar… A definitely should visit. while in Lefkas.  However take note of the following: reaching it would be rather difficult since the road is quite narrow and steep and then you need to climb down 357 steps. Take only the necessary with you. Nudists often make their appearance there while topless swimming is very common. My own personal opinion is to visit the beach regardless of the difficulties presented by the road since it is one of the best in Lefkada. You will not regret it I promise! Keep that in mind, while driving to get there on the rural part of Lefkas.

Sooooo, let’s talk about Porto Katsiki which is considered one of the best beaches in Lefkada and in the Mediterranean Sea. Sandy and always crowded during the summer. It may be difficult to find a parking space or even a space for your umbrella. If you like noisy beaches this should definitely be your first choice of all the beaches in Lefka ’s island. Bare in mind that topless swimming is quite common.

The most popular beach of Lefkas’  island! Beach bars and restaurants, it is the place to go if you are into partying and don’t bother large crowds. The beach is covered with pebbles while inside the sea the floor is sandy. One of the best beaches in Lefkada, but always check if there is wind as it can get really wavy.

This is a great beach that you should definitely visit when you are in Lefkada island. With small pebbles  and the crystal clear cool waters, this beach has become one of my favorites. An ideal place in Lefkada  to go for free camping, and the most common choice of the locals from nearby Lefkada town.

If easy access is what you are looking for though in Lefkada, we recommend you to go to Gialos, a wonderful beach full of pines and crystal clear waters.

Agios Ioannis is on the northwestern part of Lefkada island. It is 3km away from Lefkada and 1km from Frini village. It is famous in Lefkas for its golden beach almost 5km long. It is not an organized beach but you can engage in water sports such as surfing or even kite surfing. There is a tavern and a snack bar nearby. Accessing it is very easy from Lefkada town.


With two lagoons, a canyon, a gorge, plenty waterfalls and a mountainous inland with rewarding views over Lefkada, you will enjoy exploring this beautiful island to discover much more than just stunning beaches. Here are just few of the many routes and points of interest of Lefkada.

Route through Melissa Gorge (Kavalos village)
If you’re looking for fairy-tale beauty on Lefkada, trek this enchanting route. Just follow the river as it winds through ancient oak, plane and elm trees skirted by wild rose bushes. An important part of Lefkada ’s ecosystem, Melissas Gorge offers birdwatchers and everyone else the opportunity to admire swooping falcons and hawks as you trek alongside the river. You’ll also be able to admire vestiges of Lefkas ’ commercial history, as watermills, that used to process sulfur and grain, dot the banks of the river. Let the moss-draped trees cast a spell on you as you explore the forest – which is in lefkada ‘s folklore tales is inhabited by fairies, elves and demons. Less experienced hikers can benefit from easier trails which nonetheless takes you through breathtaking forests and quaint watermills.

Route through Dimosari Canyon – Nidri Waterfall
Another breathtaking route of Lefkada takes you through Dimosari Canyon. Gushing waterfalls pool into exotic lagoons shaded by moss-draped oaks. This is a perfect swimming spot if you’re hiking in the summer, although the waterfalls and thick forest keep the temperatures comfortable. Take a break and drink some spring water – the locals swear it’s the best drinking water in Lefkas. Once you’ve relaxed, continue your trek by climbing the stone steps carved into the mountain. Dimosari Canyon is one of Lefkada ’s vital ecosystems, and played an important role throughout antiquity by powering the island’s waterworks by harnessing the surge of river water from Mount Vafkeri. If you enjoy caving, there are a few small caves throughout the canyon for you to enjoy.

Hike through Skaron Forest
Located up in the river-crossed mountains of Lefkada, this forest is made up of centuries’ old moss-draped trees, along with a very rare type of oak which can only be found in Lefkada and in a handful of other forests in Europe. Skaron Forest is exceptionally beautiful and plays a vital role in the Lefkada ’s eco-system. This fact was only highlighted during the Venetian and Ottoman occupation, when guards were posted throughout the forest to protect it. If you’re an avid hiker and look forward to the climb all the way up, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of Lefkada ’s dozens of villages as well as beautiful sea vistas. Hikers will occasionally run into wild goats, so look out for herds as you explore.

Explore the carious picturesque mountain villages
Lefkada ’s inland boasts a landscape of small mountains which can easily be hiked through by experienced hikers. Stop by a number of enchanting villages which cling to the sides of the mountain and are often shrouded in fog.

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The low tourist season is a perfect time to enjoy a day of fishing in Lefkada. When you get fed up of the beach you can do something different. You can experience fishing from the shore or join an organized fishing trip. Local teams that organize daily fishing tours claim that you can find species of fish such as bream, garfish, meru, and tuna. People who are keen on sport fishing share that in October is the best time for catching mackerel, seabass (lavraki), or barracuda from the sea shore because they may come close to shore.


The best places for fishing are on the Eastern coast of Lefkada – around Nikiana, Nidri and Lygia. Take into account that to fish from a boat you need a special license. You can also rent a boat with a fishing guide who will bring you to appropriate fishing places.

Visit the link to find out more information about Lefkada fishing Cruises!

Lefkada is famous all over Greece for its stunning beaches – but what about snorkeling Lefkada? As long as you get away from busy sandy beaches and look for rocks and pristine coves, you’ll have no problem finding your own Lefkada snorkeling place. The best snorkeling places in Lefkada can be found on the east and south coast of the island, home to truly amazing beaches with rock formations and colorful fish. Some good choices are Agiofili Beach, Megali Petra, Mylos and Porto Katsiki. The latter is actually on the west coast of Lefkada, where seas are often rough, but on a calm day snorkeling at Porto Katsiki can be really amazing. Lefkada is also a great diving destination – but what if you don’t have a diving license or equipment? That’s why snorkeling is so amazing- you only need a mask, snorkel and fins, and the marvelous Lefkada coast is yours to explore! Snorkelling is an ideal introduction to the colourful underwater world. It is also inexpensive and a perfect way to get fit. Snorkeling is great fun, easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence in the water. Accessible to anyone, young or old, it is an enjoyable activity. Great for getting the whole family involved in the holiday spirit. For younger members of the family, snorkeling is also a great introduction to underwater sports. Most of all, it can be their first steps towards learning to dive. Visit the link to find out more information about snorkeling! The underwater paradise world of Lefkada, offers unforgettable experiences to the lovers of diving.

Seated in Nikiana, Nydri and Vasiliki, organised Diving centres are operating in Lefkada, arranging diving excursions. The diving centres offer all the diving opportunities with an escort of qualified divers and specialities: First dive, discover scuba, diving of any kind, first aid lessons. Together with these excursions, organise activities of: seaside cleaning, underwater cleaning, exploration of flora and fauna etc

For the comfort and the security of the students, offer, for those who have their own equipment, a secured place for the protection of private equipment.

If you wish to explore and enjoy, for the first time the magic of underwater world without being obliged to attend the full training program, you could attend lessons of diving in a pool, theory and sea diving.

During these courses, students gain important expertise and very useful information about the underwater flora and fauna of Mediterranean Sea and Lefkada

Dozens of beaches of unsurpassed beauty crown the coastline of Lefkada. Among them the photo champion Porto Katsiki, gorgeous Egremnoi, busy Gialos, vast Kathisma, peaceful Myloi, youthful Agios Giannis on the west; cosmopolitan Nydri, stunning Syvota and the bay of Vassiliki on the East. Some of them on the leeward side, others sandy, some marked with high white cliffs and deep turquoise waters; no matter which one you’ll like best, they are all perfect for unforgettable moments of fun and joy.

Lefkada is an unparallel destination for the lovers of sea sports. If you are one of them, put on the friskier of your moods and give in to an adrenaline party at the hot spots of the island.


The water track and field of Lefkada is a paradise for surfers and is famous with Greek and international surfers alike. The wind’s strength that reaches its peak in the afternoon has put the beach of Vassiliki, a globally acclaimed surf spot, in the TOP 10 beaches in the world and the TOP 3 in Europe. Slalom and free style in side shore conditions are a must here. In the North of the island, not far from the town of Lefkada, the beach of Agios Giannis almost pairs up with Vassiliki wind-wise, but its different waters mostly attract kite surfers. Huge kites glide on the waves at breakneck speed before soaring in the air to fill the sky with colour. Windsurfing schools and equipment shops facilitate things for light travellers and those deciding to take part in the thrilling activity of surfing.

Enjoy pedalo, canoe and water ski rides, or indulge in the pleasure of more “sophisticated” activities, ranging from barefoot to mono ski, double ski, wake boardand knee board. If you want to alternate beach games with water ones, you are in the right place. Let us just mention a few ones to dispel any possible doubts of yours: fly-fish, tubes, banana, crazy-sofa, big marble, etc. Go parasailing over the bay of Vassiliki and all the way to the beautiful – ex Onassis owned – island of Scorpio. Paragliding is a blast of a choice too, especially when you want to go downhill over the area of Kathisma and land on the beautiful beach. A Centre of Sea Sports is in operation in the area of Nydri, providing expertise and equipment.

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Do you love horses? Do you love nature? Do you like the beach? What if you could combine all this as an experience in your summer destination? Experience Lefkada and its beauties through unique percorses in the back of a horse! An activity that all shall love with no exceptions! Couples, families, group of friends and solo travellers. So, make your vacation a special one and explore your destination by getting in touch with nature! 

The local farms offers daily and all year long horseback riding lessons, theory lessons and excursions into nature and by the sea. In the farms there are experienced horses that will make your ride a safe one and will make you experience an unforgettable adventure. The horses are well cared of, in a natural environment and the height range from 1.38m to 1.60m. For the beginners there are also a trainers/teachers that will escort you and answer all your questions about horses and horseback riding. Each trip can last from a quarter to one hour for kids and beginners and three to four hours for experienced riders.

  • 30 minutes in the riding pen or our village.
  • 60 minutes in the riding pen or through the olive groves of Apolpena.
  • 2 hours and 30 minutes: Leaving the farm in Apolpena passing the lagoon and reaching the beach of Agios Giannis in time for sunset.
  • 15 minutes: child riding.

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The island of Lefkada is a magical place for cycling. 
Starting from the island’s capital, Lefkada, you can travel easily around the town and the suburbs. Ride around to the historic centre and to the paradise beaches close to town.
A unique ride of beauty is the round route of the lagoon from the Venetian Castle of Aghia Mavra, passing through the magnificent beaches of Gira, Mylous, Aghios Ioannis, around the town of Lefkada. 
Also you could ride to the town’s olive grove down to the village of Fryni and the historic monastery of Faneromenis, located at the top of a hill continuing to Tsoukalades and Aghios Nikitas.

The island offers also, an amazing mountain bike experience. The inland of Lefkada is full of green colours with high mountains, scenic villages and magical pathways. You could find many organised clubs all over the island, offering mountain bike experience. In the town of Lefkada, Nydri and Vassiliki, there are many bike rentals where you could find the necessary equipment for cycling around the island.

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In addition to Greek National holidays each island has its own particular festivals and holidays. Lefkas seems to have more than its own fair share and if you are fortunate enough to be here for a festival day, it’s really worth making the effort to go and watch – or maybe join in the fun. You should keep in mind that a Greek Festival day is usually a religious celebration and often relates to a particular saint. For some small or ancient churches it might as well be the only day in the whole year that it holds a service. On festival days the church bells start ringing early in the morning and the islanders go to offer their thanks and prayers. It is usually in the evening that the proper “party” begins!

27th May – Agion Pateron, Nikiana:  this religious festival is celebrated at the tiny convent just behind the village of Nikiana. During the day many people walk all the way up the steep and windy hill from Nikiana to honour the saints and gain their goodwill. In the evening there are the usual festivities with loud clarinet music and traditional dancing in the village. This begins around 10 p.m. and goes on in to the early hour of the morning

24th June – Agios Ioannis, Meganissi: a day celebrated throughout Greece commemorating the birth of Saint John the Baptist. Usually the major festivities take place on the eve of the festival. In this area it is celebrated mainly on the island of Meganissi on the beach close to the church of Agios Ioannis. Many people go across by boat during the day to pay their respects at the small chapel but, as usual, the major celebrations take place in the evening with the traditional clarinet music and dancing.

7th July – Agia Kiriaki, Nidri and Vlicho: This is the most significant festival in the Nidri area. The church of Agia Kiriaki, the patron saint of Vlicho, is located opposite Nidri. During the festival period, which lasts three days, a market is set up along the seafront in Nidri. Small boats run a regular ferry service from Nidri harbour across to the church on this day. The evening festivities take place in the village of Vlicho. Tables, chairs and makeshift bandstands are set up all along the seafront. Hundreds of people come from all over the island to join in the evening festivities, which usually begin around 11pm and go through the night till the early hours of the morning. It’s great fun to watch or even join in but be warned, the clarinet music is played at extremely high decibel level!

14 – 15th of July : Riganada Festival which takes place in the mountainous village of Karia. There the locals offer riganada. It is an old traditional snack from sardines on bread slices with olive oil, tomato and oregano. Also late at night local singers and dancers perform at the main square of the village.

17th July – Agia Marina, Agia Marina near Lefkas Town: mainly celebrated in rural areas with feasts to honour the saint as the protector of crops. The church of Agia Marina is just behind the beach of Agios Giannis near Lefkas Town

26th July – Agia Paraskevi, Agios Petros: Agia Paraskevi is the Patron Saint of the small village north of Vassiliki, Agios Petros. A special service is held at the church in the morning but the true merriment begins in the evening.  Usually around about 11pm everybody congregates around the village square where tables and chairs are set out and there is live music for entertainment. As with most Greek festivals the party goes on until the early hours of the morning!

6th August – Agios Donatos Lentil Festival, Englouvi: this festival is probably one of the most peculiar festivals in the Ionian Islands and great fun too! Around 6pm of the 6th August a special service is held to honour the Archbishop Donatos in the tiny church that takes his name, located on the plain above the village of Englouvi. After the service everybody gets together in the area outside the church where the locals from Englouvi offer free wine, sardines and bowls of lentil soup (a speciality of Englouvi). After this, the party continues with music and dancing.

15th August  – Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This is a big national holiday. Any church on the island dedicated to the Virgin Mary organises a festival and Greek music can be heard coming from everywhere!

1st Sunday in August, Karia: a reconstruction of a traditional Lefkadian wedding takes place in the evening of this day. This is a relatively recent event set up with live music and lots of traditional Greek dancing by the locals in order to preserve old customs and traditions. The village gets quite packed but a visit is definitely worth it.

18th-25th  August  International Folklore Festival Lefkada: The “Lefkas International Folklore Festival” of 2019 completes 57 years of existence. Since its establishment in 1962, the festival has promoted the message of peace, friendship and brotherhood among nations worldwide through its cultural and traditional folk forms in the art of music and dance.

In the festival  folk dance groups from the five continents will reinforce, through their performances, the message of friendship, communication and cooperation. A total of 800 dancers, choreographers, musicians, singers etc.

The festival takes place during the last week of August ,from one Sunday to the other, commencing with the great parade of peace and friendship, the evening’s ceremony marking  the opening night (on that first Sunday night) with a very short appearance by all dance groups.  During the week we have their full appearances and performances by each group and finally reaching the peak on the second Sunday with the majestic ending ceremony to include the exchange of gifts and the final dance of peace on stage by all groups.

The participation of the folk groups in the Lefkas International Folklore Festival is the opportunity for thousands native and foreign visitors of the island to get acquainted with, to appreciate and enjoy the folk art and cultural heritage of other countries.

Useful info about the island

One of the important advantages of Lefkada is that the visitor has many options to come over!

Lefkada is the only island which can be visited by car without ferry boats fares by using the floating bridge connecting the island with Akarnia. KTEL buses offer daily services (5 hours) from and to Athens (378 km) and from to Thessaloniki (420 km), everyday bus services (5 hours).The underwater tunnel of Preveza- Aktio create an easy access to the island from northwest Greece and the Port of Igoumenitsa (100 km) forming a great entrance gate from West and Central Europe. The operation of the bridge Rio Antirio makes easier the connection of the island with the rest of Greece and with the port of Piraeus (170 km) which is the second great entrance gate from Europe.
Please visit this site for timetables of KTEL bus service.

From Athens there are daily flights performed from the international airport of Aktion (18km from the town of Lefkada) and from Thessalonica 2 flights weekly with connecting stations Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Also there are 2 connecting flights weekly with Crete (Sitia). From April until October, direct flights are performed from Aktion and Europe.
You can find information about Aktio airport here.

Connection of Lefkada’s with the surrounding islands. From Nydri to Vassiliki you can find daily ferry boats services for Meganissi, Kefalonia (Fiskardo, Simi), Ithaka (Frikes). Also there are tours with tourist boats for all the surrounding island and beaches.
You can find information about boat connections here.


  • Taxi Lefkada 26450 29375
  • Taxi Nidri 26450 92000
  • Bus Station Lefkada 26450 22364
  • Bus Station Nidri 26450

Police Stations

  • Lefkada 26450 29375
  • Vasiliki 26450 31218
  • Karya 26450 41208
  • Vlycho 26450 95207
  • Tourist Police of Lefkada 26450 29379

Port Authorities

  • Port Authority of Lefkada 26450 22322
  • Port Authority of Nidri 26450 92509

Other useful services

  • Post Office 26450 24225
  • Telecommunications  26450 2118
  • Fire Department 26450 22199
  • Tourist Information 26450 23000
  • Archaeological Museum 26450 23678
  • Olympic Airlines 26450 22881


  • Lefkada 26450 23354  

Hospitals-First Aid

  • Hospital of Lefkada 26450 25371
  • Health Center of Lefkada 26450 31065
  • Health Center of Vlicho 26450 95204
  • Health Center of Vassiliki 26450 31065
  • Health Center of Nidri 26450 92228
As Lefkada is a summer destination, 99% of all private businesses are open all day (till 1 or 2 a.m.) every day, including Sundays and public holidays.

That is not the case for public sector and services that follow the regular timetable (7am-3p.m, Monday to Friday).

Official Holidays
  • 28 April => Orthodox Easter
  • 1 May => Labor Day
  • 17 June => Holy Spirit Day
  • 15 August => Feast of the Assumption of Mary


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